DreamBalls HD
DreamBalls HD is improved, redesigned and more funny version of our SteamBalls HD. DreamBalls is a new take on the match three genre that uses weights and scales to add to the required strategy. Your goal is to match at least three of the same balls horizontally or diagonally, but the board is constantly shifting depending how much weight is in a particular column. Each ball has a fixed weight = one, and there are eight columns with each pair of two acting as a scale. When one column weighs more than its pair that column shifts down, and the other column shifts up which changes the alignment of colored balls. The board is constantly shifting based on new balls you drop in, and matched balls that disappear.


Matches of three horizontally or diagonally make the balls disappear while match of five vertically - collapse the balls into one very heavy ball. There are 14 different balls that appear as you progress from level to level. There are also 12 unique special balls that clear columns, bomb sectors, and make color matches. OpenFeint is included for online high scores and achievements. Every new level background changes from day to night, etc... If you quit in the middle of a game, SteamBalls saves it for you so you can easily pick up where you left off.

- Excellent graphics and special effects animation
- Unique gameplay
- Multitude of tactical schemes
- Open Feint support-prove everyone you are the best by placing first on the world’s scoreboard
- 12 extra balls with their own unique qualities, animation and special effects
- 14 colored balls - dare to open them all?
- 30 achievements
- Deep gameplay
- Option to listen to your own music while playing